B I G S U R D R O N E . C O M

BigSurDrone.com is the central coast’s aerial services company for the Big Sur Coastline. We provide filming, imaging, mapping, search and rescue, real estate, event and incident management, live streaming, and Drone For Good projects, from the air and ground. Our pilots are FAA lic and Insured with over 5 million in liability coverage. We are a subsidiary of WhirlingTripod.com along with LagunaSecaDrone.com and DeathValleyDrone.com. All are run by George Krieger, a pilot with over 7 years of experience flying here on the central coast, and at Laguna Seca. We are also releasing special drone configuration setups, with instructions and parts lists, that are meant to help small low budget, volunteer fire departments. BigSurDrone.com will offer these as product bundles, but the info on how they are sourced and built will always be free.

Our first innovative configuration is a low cost, off the shelf water rescue build, that allows a small folding drone, to drop a self inflating, life preserver to a struggling swimmer. In our area there are many beaches where riptides make bringing a distressed swimmer back to shore is not possible. The lifeguard or rescue swimmer will float the victim out away from the shoreline and a boat will get the person out. In this case, dropping a self inflating life preserver before the rescue swimmer or life guard make it there, would be extremely helpful, and could increase good outcomes. Other configurations being developed are for extending the geographically challenged communications reach of fire and rescue groups, as well as nighttime search and rescue setups, that can help first responders understand the risks, and help them respond safer to water, cliffside, and off-trail, emergencies.